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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hey FAM,

I'm so excited to share with you some of my Beauty favourites for the month of July. These products I promise are all tried and true and are things I've been reaching for almost every time I decide to beat my face lol I deem these some of my "Holy Grail" items and I hope if you decide to purchase them they become staples in your makeup kit too =)

I'll list off everything pictured below and write a very brief description on why I love it! I'll try not to write too much to save this post from being the longest.. but we'll see how I go haha! Anyway lets get into it shall we? In no particular order....

Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverley Hills in Ebony: My eyebrow game instantly fleekified (that's not a word I just wanted to say that lol) once i purchased the Brow Wiz. Its a mechanical eyebrow pencil which is PERFECT for filling and defining the shape of your brows which is made easy by the thin tip and amazing spoolie that comes with it! It's fool proof and perfect for anyone who wants their brows to look amazing without needing to have too much skill or too much time!

Dip Brow Pomade by ABH also in Ebony: This is pretty much the Brow Wiz's older more advanced sister lol Its a creamy ointment that is perfect for giving the effect of a fuller more natural looking brow. I love to use this in conjunction with my brow wiz. The wiz to define the shape and the pomade to fill the brow in! Its a match made in heaven =)

Genuine Plum Blush by Rimmel: Thank you Lauren Curtis for putting me onto this. I'm not just saying it to say it but I LOOOOVE this blush colour so much!The formulation is beautifully pigmented and not chalky which is amazing considering its very affordable! Fair chicks look fierce with this on and I especially love it for my poly sisters with that medium/deep skin tone! Most definitely a universal blush shade. You have to try it!

Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced: If youre looking for a cool toned eyeshadow palette that smells like chocolate, is pigmented and has a mix of matte and shimmer shades then this is your baby! The more I use this palette the more I fall in love with it.

Clear brow gel by ABH: I know what you're thinking clear brow gel? A favourite... really? Yes Hunnnnnty... this stuff is a necessity when it comes to taming these brow hairs. Ive been loving the feeling of 'brows so crisp they could snap' (if you know who said that hi bloody five sister haha)

Lock it tattoo foundation by Kat Von D: When I tell you this is magic in a bottle... I 100% mean it! I have discolouration on my cheeks, around my mouth area and nasal lines on my nose (which on some days can be my biggest insecurity) and when I tell you this foundation cover's and conceal's all your imperfections... I kid you not, it cover's and conceals ALL your imperfections! It's a full coverage foundation so it is quite thick but if you can master the right amount which will give you the desired coverage you want without making you look like 'Cake, Cake, Cake' then you my friend are good to go! It photograph's beautifully and makes your skin look flawless! I will say though you do have to use a matte primer to keep the shine away because you do start to look little overly dewy without one but other than that I love it. It's without a doubt my favourite product right now and until I find another foundation that gives the same amount of coverage I shall stick to using this! Lol #KatVonDForLife  Shade: Currently using a mix of 64 + 66

Pro long wear concealer by Mac: I have been a fan girl of this concealer now for a couple of years and its safe to say I'm addicted. If you're familiar with Mac concealers then I would describe this as having the coverage of a 'studio sculpt' concealer with the consistency of the 'select moisture cover' I just love that pro long wear is pretty much 2 of my favourite concealers in 1. It also has a built in technology that is great for priming your eye's. (Jaclyn Hill told me that so it must be true haha) Less is definitely more when it comes to this concealer so don't go too crazy with it! Shade: NW35

Contour Kit Medium to Tan by ABH: Now we all know the world is obsessed with Contouring and so they should be... its literally life changing!!! I have been obsessed with contouring my voluptuous well rounded face haha and not a word of a lie I went back to work with my contoured face and 3 people asked me 'have you lost weight' OMG considering Ive gained weight this could not have been anymore heavenly to my ears!!! I love this stuff! I love the warm toned pigments and I love using them also as eye shadows! I've always found it hard to find really good pigmented matte eye shadows and low and behold I have found an amazing contour kit and eyeshadow palette all in one! Need I say more?

and lastly...

Translucent Powder by Mary Kay: Now most of you are probably familiar with the makeup term "cooking" or "baking" your face? It's a method that's been used in the drag community for years. Its letting translucent powder sit on the highlighted concealed areas of your face for about 5-10 minutes, which allows the heat from your face to set the foundation and concealer. When you dust it off you're left with a flawless and creasless finish. Its a pretty bomb technique. This Mary Kay powder has given me liiiiiife when it comes to cooking. If you want to try a loose powder but don't want to spend $65 on the Laura Mercier powder the whole world is raving about then give this one a go. It retails for about $30 (I have a hook up if you need haha)

O...M...G... We did it!!!! haha I know that was a lot to read and if you're still reading then *round of applause* for you! I hope you found this somewhat helpful and interesting! If you want to ask any other questions then just let me know I'll be happy to answer and assist. I will definitely be back next month with another favourites post maybe even a video if im feeling bold but until then stay absolutely radiantly beautiful my lovelies!

All my Love - Vee oX

What are your favourites and staple items?

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